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Today's tip:
Consolidate learning by quick application in the workplace
Learning and application of learning are two very different creatures! Learning, if not promptly remembered and applied, is quickly forgotten. Therefore a learning environment must be created that allows students to use their new knowledge soon after the learning is undertaken.
This can be a challenge for on-line course providers - but we have developed a solution...

New improved courses:
Now we make your staff think more than ever about what they are doing. Unlike any other training program, our modules allow your staff to be able to make a real difference to your business - how do we do this?
Assignments have been added to all of our 'Caring for Clients' modules: these are designed to make students consider what they have learnt, and apply it in the context of the workplace. Students will use the course materials to suggest new ideas for your practice, creating a pool of ideas which Chunk Training then sends back to practice managers for in-house use. Some modules ask students to try out 'best practice' in communication, and to report back on their experience. We open the door to the wealth of ideas hidden within your staff and get it to where it matters – the decision makers of the practice.

You, the manager, get six sets of great ideas from each student enrolled on the six-module course.

And... In celebration of our updated modules, we have a Summer Special:
Until the end of August 2014, you can buy any of our courses at a 20% discount! Please contact us (see below) or just click through to the purchase training page on our website here.


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