Hi again, just a brief one this time because like us, you're probably either on holday or super busy trying to cover for others who are!

Veterinary online trainingGreat training doesn't have to be complex... just follow a few rules:

1. Decide on the learning outcome (jargon for 'What do you want your students to be able to do?)

2. Give the students the information they need.

3. Repeat it in a different way, perhaps as an anecdote, or first in writing, then verbally. 

4. Get interactive and inventive: encourage them to practice the knowledge

5. Check results using feedback, tests, exams or assignments

After completing these steps, the new information has now made 4 trips around the student's mind, once in each of steps 2, 3, 4 and 5. So now the information is embedded and has been practised. 

Alternatively, let us do all the above for you!

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Happy Training!


Best wishes,