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Here are some more thoughts exploring some areas critical to effectively develop a thriving veterinary business. 

We looked in a previous blog at the power of the phrase 'I recommend' to increase owners' willingness to follow your advice. This works by creating assertiveness and confidence with the simple use of an appropriate vocabulary. 

This time, let's have a look at another way to increase business and enhance our practice's reputation.

Features and benefits: creating the desire to accept the best treatment

In their quest to create happy clients with healthy pets, vets, nurses and veterinary staff will want to present their advice in such a way as to achieve maximum compliance. The way in which advice is given has an astonishingly large effect on whether this advice is accepted. In a research paper which we have mentioned in previous mailings, the compliance to veterinary advice increased 7-fold if a skilled presentation was given. 

Here's an example: this is the pitch from two car salesmen, trying to sell you a new model of car. 

Adam: "This car has a modified Z-type suspension. It's a recent development in ride technology."
Bill:  "This car's suspension is modified to give a smoother, more luxurious ride than ever before."

Which salesman makes you feel more likely to try the car?  For most people, this would be Bill. There is a clear reason for this.

Adam gives you facts. He explains WHAT you are getting. 
Bill presents the benefits. He explains WHY you would like it, and invites you to feel the emotion that the car will create when you drive it. This technique is used the world over to create desire - how often do people buy something that they never even knew existed until an eloquent pitch by a salesman convinced them of its unmissable benefits? 

By always explaining the benefits -  the 'WHY' - clients are more likely to accept advice.  Changing a 'WHAT' into a 'WHY', or changing a 'feature' into a 'benefit' is easy. Just add 'which means that'  to your sentence whenever you catch yourself stating a feature.

"This car has a modified Z-type suspension. It's a recent development in ride technology, which means that the suspension is modified to give a far smoother, more luxurious ride than ever before."

Or, in veterinary terms:
"Chalkie needs some dental work to remove the tartar and clean his teeth, which means that his breath will smell fresher and his mouth will be comfortable again."

This small change in technique will help increase compliance, and take us nearer the ultimate aim:

Healthy pets
Happy staff
Happy clients
Healthy business

One staff member achieving great compliance can make a real difference to your business. When all your staff can achieve it, the benefits multiply. 

Happy Training!


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