SunriseDear all,

Recently I attended the untimely funeral of a man who I first met in the role of our business coach, and later became a good friend. At the service, it was obvious that he had made a difference not only to my life, but to those of most people whose paths he touched. He was responsible for the progression of my  own practice from a low key service provider, to one that is actively sought out by clients and by top quality prospective staff. We are incredibly proud of our journey, but in truth owe much of it to Gregory and the values he brought with him.  He was a teacher extraordinaire, and I thought it a fitting tribute to his memory to list some of the things I learnt from him. Some of these items were listed on the funeral order of service as epitomising his values.

And those of you who have looked at our 'Caring for Clients' modules will clearly see his influence, which I feel privileged to pass on.

Here are some of these items:

  • Understand the meaning of teamwork - this isn't just working well with your team, it is understanding which of your behaviours reduce team effectiveness, and spotting and supporting others who are struggling.
  • COACH your staff. Gregory was a coach, not an advisor. He never once, in all the years he worked with us, told us what we should do. He simply facilitated open and inventive thought and left the rest to us. This in itself was a lesson in staff management: so impressive in its results but so difficult to achieve in a world where we are used to other approaches.
  • Under promise and over deliver - on everything, always, until it becomes a habit.
  • Live with passion - others will respect you and believe you.
  • Choose to live 'Above the line' - the line being the limiter between optimism and seeing the good in others, and pessimism and seeing the faults around you.
  • Be honest with everyone, all the time - admit if you are wrong, and avoid exaggeration or creation of a fiction to prove your point.
  • Trust is easily lost, and very, very hard to regain.
  • Be methodical and organised - so that you do not let down those around you.

May we all live life to the full, support those around us, and be self-aware of the effects that our behaviour, both positive and negative, has on those around us.


Best wishes,