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The Concept

Our founder, Liz Watkins BVSc MRCVS, is a senior partner in a 6 vet small animal practice in Somerset. She is also an occasional lecturer at the University of Bristol Veterinary School, and at other veterinary meetings, teaching the communication skills required by vets and support staff to create excellence in practice.


She explains how Chunk Training was born of a need which developed in her own practice:


As a one centre, one vet small animal practice with 3 staff members, keeping our staff trained and aligned was easy. As we grew to 3 centres, and over 25 staff, problems started becoming evident.


  • We couldn't get everyone together at one time and place for training.
  • It was not cost effective to send all staff to the same training.
  • It was also impossible to release all staff regularly enough to keep training up to date.

The result was that vets and nurses tended to do much more training than other staff.


But the reception staff, and those who interface most with the public are the face of the practice. We rely on them to convert new contacts into new clients, to provide an efficient and excellent service, and to fulfill all the non-clinical needs that provide the full service that can delight clients.


The solution we found for our practice was so successful, that Chunk Training was created so that we could offer it to other practices. We created small chunks of training, which could be done online. The courses are kept short and interesting, with questionnaires at the end to establish if the understanding is complete. All staff members complete the training within the same week, which encourages discussion. And it is not expensive to run.


In my own practice, all staff members including vets do the courses. This way every one can be sure they are giving the same advice.


Liz Watkins BVSc MRCVS

For more information on how it all began and an overview of our training please see our video with Liz Watkins and look at the course info pages.


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